FRYD E-Liquids - 60ml x 2

Fryd E-Liquids

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FRYD Series | 2x 60mL

Indulge in the delectable flavors of the FRYD Series with our 120mL collection. With its unique lineup of deep-fried delights, this e-juice range is sure to satisfy your cravings for irresistible treats. Explore the deep-fried goodness of Banana, with its tantalizing blend of fried banana, butterscotch, and graham cracker. Treat yourself to the nostalgic delight of Cream Cake, capturing the essence of a deep-fried Twinkie. Experience the heavenly combination of deep-fried Oreos in Cream Cookie. Enjoy the classic fairground favorite with the sweet and crispy Funnel Cake. And don’t miss out on the delightful fusion of deep-fried ice cream in Ice Cream.

The FRYD Series offers a generous 120mL of vaping pleasure, divided into two convenient 60mL unicorn bottles. Choose from nicotine options of 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg to suit your preference. With a VG/PG ratio of 70VG/30PG, these e-liquids deliver a smooth and satisfying vaping experience.

Experience the decadence of FRYD Series and embark on a journey of delightful indulgence.


  • Banana – Deep Fried Banana | Butterscotch | Graham Cracker
  • Cream Cake – Deep Fried Twinkie
  • Cream Cookie – Deep Fried Oreo
  • Funnel Cake – Funnel Cake
  • Ice Cream – Deep Fried Ice Cream


  • Bottle Size – x2 60mL Unicorn Bottles
  • Available Nicotine – 0mg | 3mg | 6mg
  • VG/PG Ratio – 70VG/30PG

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Fryd E-Liquids