Tax States

Are you located in a state with an excise tax? Is so, Decent Distribution is here to help! We are currently licensed to collect and remit taxes on your behalf in the following states: Nevada, Utah, Kentucky, Louisiana (Manufacturer)

If you are located in a state with an excise tax that we are not licensed in, you may still utilize our platform if your state allows you, the retailer, to remit the excise tax for non-licensed wholesaler/distributors. We recommend you verify this before placing an order.

Nevada Stores: We have negotiated special pricing for certain products to keep your cost as low as possible. You will find duplicate products with "(Nevada Only)" in the product name on our platform. The "(Nevada Only):" products will be priced lower for you. You can see all of our special priced Nevada products here: Keep in mind that you are not limited to those products only. You still have access to purchase any other products on our site.