Public Bru E-Liquid - 60ml & 120ml

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Public Bru E-Liquid - 120ml

Graham Father: Often imitated, never duplicated, Graham Father features a classic graham cracker taste, combined with a refreshing glass of cold milk. This sweet and savory favorite has been a crowd pleaser for years and continues to blow customers away with the perfect signature aftertaste.

Graham Master: The perfect combination of savory, delicious graham crackers, a splash of refreshing milk topped by sun-baked golden bananas. We’ve balanced these flavors to enhance the subtle flavors of the milk without overwhelming it with banana goodness.

Graham Mother: The perfect combination of savory, delicious graham cracker combined with a delectable pear medley. To top it all off, we’ve added a splash of coconut-cream, just a dash to give it that tropical feel that vapers love.